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30 Day Squat Challenge

This challenge is designed to tighten, tone, reshape and strengthen your butt and legs. The best part of this challenge is that you can do it almost anywhere. It’s a fantastic addition to your daily workout routine and fun to do with friends!

Please remember to maintain proper form throughout. There are many mistakes that can be made when squatting, so it’s extremely important that you have your technique down. An intro to proper squat technique is included with the calendar.

Are you ready?!! Just download and print the calendar and then complete the recommended number of squats each day. Squats can be completed in sets throughout the day and don’t have to be done all at once. Example: Day 1, start with 5 sets of 10 (rest in between each set).

Click Here to Download the 30 Day Squat Challenge30 Day Squat Challenge

Overtraining is very rare
and most people will never reach this state especially during this 30 day challenge.

There’s research that suggests it takes about three weeks to break a bad habit. More isn’t always better but it usually is with squats, more than any other exercise. The more you do them, the better you get at them.

The idea of this challenge isn’t to have you “max out”. The main goal is to get you to break the habit of not squatting on a regular basis because squatting is a powerful way to boost your overall fitness and get some serious results fast.

For some, even the simplest squat program like this one can cause you to start “dipping down” a bit into your recovery capacity. That’s OK. This is only for 30 days… You’re not going to die :) Ride it out, then taper down for a few weeks and reap the rewards!

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